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Seasons Photography is a boutique studio specializing in providing personalized artwork of your family in the form of Prints and Products.  You will receive watermarked, low-res digital images of poses you order for phone and social media use.

My desire is to serve families through the business of photography by:

  • strengthening and promoting the value of family
  • celebrating life through milestone images
  • providing an experience that is fun and memorable
  • developing relationships with my clients
  • creating authentic images that tell the story of your relationships
  • delivering finished portraits that will become treasured heirlooms

Thank you to my wonderful clients, many who have become my friends.  I look forward to meeting your family too!





  • Three Tips to a Creative Wall Display

    A Wall Display like this is a creative way to decorate any room in your house.  Jen invited me to her beautiful home to help her design this layout and install it.     

    Use these three tips to update or add interest in any room:

    1.  Print images in a variety of sizes.

    2. Use matching frames like Jen did, mix and match frames, or consider mixing framed prints with prints on other mediums such as canvas, metal, or wood.

    3.  Create an asymmetrical layout by arranging them on the floor and measure to be sure it will work well on the wall space you are decorating.

    Read below what Jen has to say about what these images mean to her.

    "Memories are priceless.  I have three young children, and their pictures are my most valued treasures!  There is something so special about holding a beautiful photograph of one of my children and getting lost in their smile, soft skin, eyelashes, eye twinkles, little toes, tiny painted fingernails and the personalities Vicky captures so perfectly!  My mind is so quickly flooded with precious memories from each age!  Holding each photo brings a smile to my face like no digital album can do.  The years go by so quickly, and the joy my prints bring is priceless - I know they will be treasured and enjoyed for years to come. Rearranging pictures and updating my gallery wall is something I look forward to after every photography session with Vicky, and I know when my children are grown, I will be so thankful to have all these pictures from their young years."   ~ Jen

    * Home built by her talented husband Ken -

  • Newborn Photographer - Rice Lake, WI - Baby Elnora

    LOVE my new princess crown for Newborns.  Isn't she precious?  This makes me think of Princess and the Pea.  :)  I think there may have been a pea in her bed...although she looks like she is sound asleep, she was a very alert new baby.  She is very sweet and content.  This would be beautiful in her nursery framed in a boutique frame.  

  • Pet Photography - Rice Lake, Wi

  • Rice Lake Family Photography - Ptacek Family

    I just have to share Tom & Jennifer's Waterfall collage.  I love these images of their young family together.  We chose some of the most descriptive images to celebrate their daughter's second birthday.  There is no doubt there is love in their home! I know they will smile every time they pass by this framed piece in their home for years to come.  That's what I love about this job!

  • Northern Wisconsin Baby, Family, & Wedding Photographer - Digital World

    At Halloween this year our youth group was having an 80's theme party and we asked all the leaders to provide a picture of themselves from the 80s to entertain the youth.  I went into our albums and found this little treasure!  1988 - me and Josh on a car in the Homecoming Parade.  Yes, I married my High School (Middle School) Sweetheart!   

    This got me thinking; what if I didn't have a print of this?  Where would I find it?  Would I remember that I ever had it?  Would I ever see it again?  This image has brought me so much joy as I remember those times and think of us now.  We have lots of other images as well.  It's a great way to show our kids that we were actually their age at one time!

    We bought our first professional Digital Camera in 2005 and I have NO plans of going back to film.  I love being able to preview my images as I take them, take as many as I need to and delete them later, enhance them or put special effects on them.  I like being able to control the final outcome in a way I couldn't with film.  

    As a Professional Photographer, I love being able to create and provide finished artwork that you can display in your home and enjoy with your family for many years to come.  Marriage is forever, Family is forever, and your Memories and History should be forever.  That is why you will get an Album in your Wedding Collection and the ability to have Prints, a Collection of Images, or a Finished Art Piece when I photograph your family.  

    On a personal level, I've wrestled with the idea of only having digital copies of our family times.  I've wondered if I should move to digital books rather than photo albums.  You know, I think I'm going to continue to make prints, sometimes duplicates for each child, and put them in nice albums.  When it is 2030 and my daughter needs to find an image from her High School years, she'll know right where it is!

    Celebrate life, celebrate your family, rejoice in every age and stage by having "hard copies" of your memories together. 

  • Rice Lake Area Small Business - Annisseau

    I recently had the opportunity to photograph one of our first wedding couple's family, and this summer is their 10 year anniversary!  It was so fun for me to see them with their little family that is so much like ours.  Two girls and a boy.  Jeremiah and Amanda are high school sweethearts and they are still having fun together - just like me and Josh!  

    Amanda made her wedding dress and has started her own business, Annisseau.  She has crocheted some of the most adorable little hats for my Newborn clients and I wanted to share some of the other beautiful and creative things she can do.  Her girls modeled the dresses she made for their session.  I loved photographing them as they did their fashion poses for me.  They are beautiful girls with the sweetest personalities.

    Look at those cute little Owl Bags too!

    Amanda came up with these reusable snack bags that can hold pretty much anything, including liquids!  
    If you are interested to see more of her work, click for her Etsy site.

  • Photography and Design - Nichols Family Design

    The thing I love to do the most for the families I photograph is help them to be able to enjoy their images in their home.  Many people don't know what they are going to do with their images after their session.  Your images can become wonderful artwork for your home and be a really fun way to freshen up your space.  I wanted to post some images from a session last fall with the Nichols family and share how we worked together to come up with a really fun display in their home.  I have loved photographing Sophie and Sam from the time they were babies...




     Bridget invited me to their home to look at and photograph their wall space.  She had a couple of ideas of what she might like for the space below, which is the area we decided to work with.    

    After their session, she came into our studio to view her images and I had prepared a couple of ideas, using the images from their session.  I scaled them appropriately for the space so she could 'see' what the final project would look like.


    This is the layout she loved and has installed in her home:

    As their family continues to grow these Canvas Gallery Wraps will be treasures to them.  They can be re-worked with images from a more recent session, moved to a new space, or divided up and displayed in other spaces.  

  • Western Wisconsin Wedding Photographer - Matt & Casey Engagement Session

    We like to do an Engagement Session for all our wedding couples.  It's the best way to make them feel comfortable and confident about having us spend their wedding day with them and we get to know them as a couple; how they interact with one another and what shines about their relationship with one another.  A marriage promise is a sweet and wonderful commitment for a lifetime of togetherness and we create images that our wedding couples will enjoy, reminisce, and share with their family for generations to come.  The Engagement Session is a part of the beginning of their story.  We wanted to share some of the images from Matt & Casey's recent session.  We are looking forward to their summer garden wedding at the cabin!  








  • Celebration of Smiles Event - Success! - Rice Lake, WI Photographer

    The Celebration of Smiles Event was a huge success, thanks to everyone who participated!! Rice Lake Printery donated the fliers and cards -  The Chronotype generously gave advertising space,  Arrowhead Family Dental helped to market and gave a matching donation to sponsor 1 surgery, and  Thyme Worn Treasures graciously hosted the event, offered yummy treats, shared advertising, promoted the event, AND gave a matching donation to sponsor 1 surgery!! All together we raised enough for FOUR cleft lip or cleft palate surgeries.

    Some of the smiles we photographed for the event: 




  • Rice Lake, Wisconsin Newborn Photographer

    I'm thinking "Spring" and with Spring I think of babies.  Babies of all kinds.  I was in Scotland one Spring when all the lambs were coming.  What a glorious site!  Lambs everywhere!  (I wish I had images of them to show too.)  With all the baby thoughts, I want to share some images that I made of Baby Wrigley.  He is 9 months old now, but here he was as a Newborn, just 3 days old.  He was such a sweet baby.  Isn't he beautiful?!  Does it make you think of Spring too?

  • Rice Lake Wisconsin Wedding Photojournalist - Josh & Kayla

    Below are some images from a really fun wedding we photographed last summer.  Josh and Kayla are so great together.  Kayla has the most amazing blue eyes, I absolutely love the image of her and her father waiting for their turn to walk down the isle together.  Make sure you don't miss the image at the end of Josh sliding across the dance floor and through Kayla's legs!  Josh and I love this job because it is so fun to be a part of a celebration like this.  Every wedding is so different, so there is always a surprise somewhere!

  • Rice Lake, Wisconsin Wedding Photographer - The Engagement Session

    I feel that all couples should have an Engagement Session with their photographers before their wedding day.  The Engagement Session is a really great time for you and your photographers to get to know one another and to help you feel confident about how they will handle your wedding day photography.  This is why we include this session in our wedding packages.  We photograph our engaged couples outdoors.  It's a quick and playful session that celebrates your relationship.  Some great ways to display your images are in a book, by sending Save the Dates to your friends and families, and having a Canvas Gallery Wrap made of your favorite image.  These images are timeless and a wonderful tool for you to remember your courtship.   I always tell our wedding couples that I wish Josh and I had some images like these from those days.  How fun would it be to share with our children now?!   

  • Spooner, Wisconsin Wedding Photographer - Ken & Kelly

    Ken and Kelly's wedding celebration was at Kelly's parents beautiful home.  It was a perfect fall day.  The colors around and in the dresses and details were so vibrant.  We ran into town for some fun at the train station too! 

  • Rice Lake, WI Newborn Photographer

    Baby Kate is just 1 week old in these images.  I love to work with newborns under 10 days old!  She was so sweet.

    Once her belly was full and we had her nice and toasty warm she slept peacefully while we had some fun! 


     Kate and her big brother...

  • Nick & Jessie - Rice Lake Wisconsin Wedding Photojournalist

    Nick & Jessie

    I loved how Jessie had her hair pulled over one shoulder, the color of the violet dresses her girls were wearing, and the garden  hors d'oeuvre reception where their guests gathered after their ceremony.   Nick and Jessie are such a pleasant and relaxed couple, the details were truly representative of who they are.  We had so much fun photographing them and their families in and around the gardens.  It was such a wonderful setting.  We actually got a few raindrops, but it only added to the greatness of the day!  I always tell couples not to worry that it might rain on their wedding day.  Sometimes it adds to the fun and it almost never rains the entire day long anyway.










  • Rice Lake, Wisconsin Baby Photographer

    Hailey.  She is one year old already!  Her parents are one of our wedding couples from a few years back.  I love it when we get to photograph the babies of our past brides and grooms.  Hailey kept us on our toes and running for an hour!  She is on a mission and so independent.  By her parent's own admission, she is the center of their world.  I know for a fact that is true for her Grandparents as well!  This location is a cute little park (FFA Park) right here in town.  It's great for small children because they can run and be safe.  Adam & Amber, enjoy your little "sneak peak"!    

  • Birchwood, Wisconsin Wedding Photographer

    We love to photograph weddings at Tagalong.  It's such a beautiful setting and a great fit for our photography style.  Aaron and Jessica had a perfect early fall day to celebrate.  Katie from In The Woods Weddings did the flowers and decorated for the reception and everything was so well done.  The colors were wonderful, Jessica was so pretty, and we had fun telling their wedding celebration story through our lenses!  

  • Wisconsin - Minnesota Wedding Photographer - Wedding Ideas - Transportation

    There are so many ways to make your wedding details a reflection of who the two of you are and what is important to you.  Over the past couple of years, we've noticed that wedding couples are getting buses - school buses, greyhound buses, 'short', limo-type buses - to transport their wedding party and families from the church to reception to hotels.  I'll usually hop on  the bus (or the wagon) as well and get some fun images.  Call me old fashioned, but I love to see the groom helping his new bride into a car or carriage.  The transportation for you as a wedding couple is a really important detail to consider.  It is very individual.  It can be a nice service for your guests, a great opportunity to steal away together for a few private minutes after the ceremony, or a fun event for your wedding party.   

  • Chetek Wedding Photographer - Jake & Stephanie

    Images from a recent wedding...  Stephanie was absolutely gorgeous.  She just told me the other day that she knew she wanted us as her wedding photographers because she was familiar with our work from some friends weddings.  Referrals are our very best marketing resource. 

  • Rice Lake Family Photographer - Photography and Design

    I love combining my photography skills and my design background to create artwork for my clients homes. These are design ideas I presented to two recent clients and they now have these in their homes!  The great thing is, I can show them what it will look like in their home, in proper scale, before they even make their purchase.  These are Canvas Gallery Wraps which don't require framing, but a framed collage is a great option too.   


  • Wisconsin-Minnesota Wedding Photographer - Wedding Design Ideas - Flowers

    I LOVE flowers.  I love the color, the smell, and the little bit of joy they add to a room.  One of my favorite things about wedding photography is the punch of color that flowers add to the images.  I just wanted to share a few of the wonderful styles of flower design that I've enjoyed at weddings we've photographed and give you some ideas for your own wedding.  One of the things to really consider when you are planning your big day is how you will use fresh flowers and greens to complement your style.  As you will see in these examples, the flowers and the way they are presented create a design element that portrays the 'feel' and the 'look' of your wedding, not to mention the wonderful scent some of these bouquets add to the room.  Every part of your wedding; bouquets, the isle,  the church, the reception tables, and your cake is blessed by the beauty of flowers.   

  • Rice Lake, Wi Wedding Photographer - Bjorn & Claire

    We love to photograph weddings at the beautiful Dobie church and Turtleback Golf Course.  Bjorn & Claire had a perfect May day for their wedding celebration.  I love May weddings because the greens are so green. 



    Isn't Claire such a tiny bride?  Her dress was so perfect for her.  I love it.  I'm amazed that I haven't seen the same dress twice in all the weddings we've photographed.  A wedding dress is so individual.

  • Katie - Rice Lake Senior Photographer

    I just want to share a sample of a few of my favorites from Katie's Senior session. View a video of her whole session on our facebook page.  

    Believe it or not, this first image was taken in Rice Lake, right in town. I saw the sun coming through the trees above her and had to get this great source of light in the image. 

  • Jesse & Katie - Wisconsin Wedding Photographer

    Jesse & Katie are such a great couple.  It was a beautiful sun shiny day for their wedding and we had fun documenting their celebration.  I love the color of the bridesmaid dresses - John Deer Green!  This is just a little sampling from their day...

  • Graese Maternity Session - Rice Lake Baby Photographer

    We had the priviledge of photographing Sean & Sami's wedding a couple of years ago and now a Maternity Session this summer!  I've also photographed their new baby boy - those images to come...  This is a Framed 5x30" image I created for them out of some of their favorites from the session.  I call it the Waterfall...

  • Bart & Jamie - Rice Lake Wedding Photographer

     Bart and Jamie's wedding was at their home.  The ceremony site was set up so beautifully with an isle of tool leading past a neat little garden to overlook the river.  It was tons of fun for Josh and me as we know many of the same people they know from our hometown.  (Ok, we're a few years older than they are, so we met them for the first time when they chose us to photograph their wedding.)  Outdoor photography for weddings is our favorite.  It was HOT and perfect with a downpour during the recieving line that forced everyone under shelter for about 20 minutes.  They had their dinner reception at the park and tastefully decorated their tables with pretty little flowers and other details. These are just a few favorites to overview their wedding... 




  • Custom Project - Rice Lake Family Photographer

    I wanted to share this piece to show how you can be a part of the creative process.  Krista wanted me to create something special for her husband's birthday.  She had an idea to represent all the things that are important to him on one image - God, his wife, and his children.  Krista wanted to include an image of a church to represent God and asked me to use some graphic type letters to spell out her husband's motto "Anything short of sin".  So, we arranged a time to photograph her and their three children when he wouldn't suspect anything.  The kids changed clothes in the car on the way to the session location and we got lots of fun images to choose from.  I found a cute old church to photograph and went around town photographing signs that I could extract letters from for the graphic lettering.  We put it all together and she ordered the image on a Standout Mount for his office!  btw: the kids are doing an "air benders" thing from the movie that their Dad had recently taken them to... I love the humor. 

  • Kurtzhals Family - Rice Lake Family Photographer

    We photographed Matt & Yvonne's wedding and have had the pleasure of continuing to photograph them - now with thier two boys!  I am sharing some of our favorites from their session.  I enjoy the more interactive or 'relationship' images of family more often then the 'everyone look happy and smile' poses, but I see the beauty of both and work to give families both options.  There are different places in your home to display the different styles.  The images of Carter below are great artwork for decorating in a bedroom.  They are fun and playful and would be beautiful in a large size.  The image of Calvin is more like a portrait and you can see the spark in his eyes.  When you photograph your children or are having someone else photograph them, try not to make them too aware of the camera.  Try watching and waiting and photograph them when they aren't looking directly at you.  When someone becomes camera aware, they often tend to stiffen up or fake it - you know what I mean, you probably do it too! 






    Dad was just helping Carter in the river.  I love these timeless images.  

  • Bowen Family - Rice Lake, Wi Family Photographer

    I had so much fun working with this young family.  We have photographed a few of their friends weddings over the last few years, so that is our connection.  It's great to have connections!  For Father's Day, Leiah gave Cory the Pinwheel with four, story telling images of his relationship with their oldest daughter.  It was framed with a rich brown mat like this and was beautiful!  I wanted to keep it in my studio to show everyone, so I thought I'd share it this way instead.  I love photographing a series of images that show personality or relationship.  It's a really fun thing to do with your kids.  When you photograph them, zoom in really close and fill the frame with their face and photograph a few different expressions as you have them dance around, or look mad, or share about their favorite book.  These images are priceless in the years to come.  Our family albums have lots of little series because I have to keep every image that is showing their unique personalities.  I'm so glad we have them.  Our first daughter is going to be 14 and her pretty blue eyes are still captivating.

  • Ben & Katie - Rice Lake, Wi Wedding Photographer

    Ben & Katie are one of the nicest couples we have worked with.  Both of them are so layed back and genuinely friendly.  We are looking forward to their Fall wedding!  Here are a few of our favorites from their session:

    Notice the bird's nest in the corner of the window...

    I finally got the courage to call and get permission to go to this location.  This is our first session at this "urban" setting and there is so much variety here.  This will be a great spot for children too!

  • Pet Photography - Rice Lake Photographer

    After a couple of years of my family begging to get a dog, I had a weak moment and agreed that we should go look at the "Adorable Little Yorkie Puppy" that was advertised in the newspaper.  I was thinking I didn't want a pet in the house - like I need another thing to do!  But, after looking online at the characteristics of the Yorkshire Terrior it seemed he would have all the qualities we are looking for in a dog.  He isn't supposed to shed - #1 prerequisite for me.  He is very sweet and has been sleeping through the night in his crate in Marissa's room.  We had a hard time coming up with a name that all of us liked, but have settled on Riley!  He looks like a Riley, don't you think?


    Pets can sometimes be difficult to photograph.  Riley kept coming to me when I got down on his level to get a good angle.  I photograph animals by filling the frame with their face or body and limiting background distractions.  It works well to stand over them and make a noise to get them to look up at you or to get down on their plane and zoom in.  I like to control the settings on my camera so I can use a high aperature that puts the eyes in focus and the background out of focus.  Don't forget to photograph your pets when you first get them - they are only babies for a little while!

    Does anyone have advise on training a puppy?  I'd love to hear from you.  Also, are there some of you who are interested in having your pet photographed?  If there is an interest, I would schedule a couple of days and run a promotion or a fundraiser for a non-profit animal service in our area. 

  • Gargulak Four - Rice Lake Children Photographer


    I had so much fun with this crew and had to share some of my (and Mom's)  favorites.  These were taken at the FFA Park in Rice Lake.

    I had to post this one because I think it is soo funny... I laugh every time I look at it.

    Look at these eyes!


    Mom's favorite!  I love the spunk here!

    A few days after this session, they took the old railroad tie steps out and replaced them with new ones. 

    I'm sad about it, but I'm sure they will be safer now.  The sun was behind the kids and low, creating some great backlighting.

    How great is it to be 3?!

     Some family in Norway sent these outfits and the kids were so cute.  This image reminded me of the movie 'Sound of Music' for some reason.  When I said that to Bridget, she said "I don't have that many children!"  

    It's the clothing and the running and the laughing.... Grandma loves this one. 


RSS Feed

Gargulak Four - Rice Lake Children Photographer


I had so much fun with this crew and had to share some of my (and Mom's)  favorites.  These were taken at the FFA Park in Rice Lake.

I had to post this one because I think it is soo funny... I laugh every time I look at it.

Look at these eyes!


Mom's favorite!  I love the spunk here!

A few days after this session, they took the old railroad tie steps out and replaced them with new ones. 

I'm sad about it, but I'm sure they will be safer now.  The sun was behind the kids and low, creating some great backlighting.

How great is it to be 3?!

 Some family in Norway sent these outfits and the kids were so cute.  This image reminded me of the movie 'Sound of Music' for some reason.  When I said that to Bridget, she said "I don't have that many children!"  

It's the clothing and the running and the laughing.... Grandma loves this one. 


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